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I haven't posted in forever. Well. Good news is I'm gonna change that soon. I'm gonna be posting a prologue for a new story soon (yes, even if I haven't started my first story), then post the first chapter to Strong Enough to Break shortly after that (HA!). Making the banner for the new story now. It's gonna be an original. Stats coming soon. :)

but you’re untouchable, burning brighter than the sun,
and now that you’re close, I feel like coming undone.

            “It bothers me that we just got here three months ago and you’re already off to the Hamptons for three months.” Celia wore a mock frown and played with the fringe on the light blue pillow she held.
            Serena laughed, going back and forth between her closet and her suitcase. “I know it does.”

    Celia and Serena had both been best friends since junior high. After graduation, Celia hooked a job as a makeup artist on a UK TV show that filmed in London through family connections. Being inseparable, Serena tagged along. For three months, Celia and Serena had been living in a luxurious loft (also acquired through connections), and both girls lives had been ever changing. Serena’s leaving made Celia weary, and gave her a heavy feeling of worry. She felt like her life course was about to change, and she was unsure of how she would handle it if she headed into unsmooth waters. She considered Serena her life saver. What happens if she falls overboard without her?

            “Then why go? It’s not like you actually knew her.” Celia spoke of Serena’s great aunt that had recently passed away. Her mother was close to her as a child, and called on Serena to fly to back home for comfort while some distant relatives contested the will.
            “They were close. You know why.” She shoved some shoes in a bag and zipped it up, “We’ve been through this.”
            “I know…I know.”

    A few moments of silence passed as Celia watched Serena scurry around her room in a mini frenzy. The amount of things Serena fit in her room was astounding to Celia.

            “What happens if I get lonely? Or I screw up and do something stupid?” There was a hint of paranoia in the question. She hoped Serena was too distracted with packing to notice.”
            “You won’t. Of all the people I know to screw up, the last is you,” she paused and gave her a sincere smile, then began to pack again. “But, if you do, it’s called a phone. We both have one. Pick it up and call me.”
            “You didn’t say anything about getting lonely. What happens if I do?”
            Serena threw her head back and laughed in a way that reminded Celia of her own mother, “Now you’re just being ridiculous. You’ve made a ton of friends since we’ve been here; especially at the studio.”
            “But still…”
            “No buts. Besides,” she gave her mischievous grin, “you’ve got Andrew.”
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'Strong Enough to Break' Story Stats-
One-shot or Continuous: Continuous
Fan fiction or Original: RNS
Estimated # of Chapters: 30 - 45
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Estimated End Date: n/a
Inspired by: n/a
Comments: You're gonna absolutely adore this. :]

*RNS - rather not say.
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Hi all. I'm Andrea, and Eloquent Elegance is a place for all my stories and fictional musings. Some will be original, many will be fan fictions. Most will be continuous, a handful will be one-shots. They'll range from romance/drama to fantasy to mystery to paranormal. I enjoy keeping my horizons broad, but I don't do incest or guy/guy or girl/girl, or really any kind of sex scenes in general. That's just my writing style, so respect that and don't tell me to add any of that to make it juicy. Good day. :)



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